Vision / Mission / Values

Our Vision

To be a dynamic, growing and resilient wood products company that can effectively and efficiently adapt to the ever changing business environment and customers needs.

Our Mission

Chaleur Sawmills will be a source of excellence for our customers, provide a supportive and professional work experience for our employees and be a respected corporate citizen with the objective to be a rewarding investment for our owners and a strong platform for growth.

Our Values

  • Safety: At Chaleur Sawmills, we strive to provide a safe workplace for our employees.
  • Continuous Improvement: At Chaleur Sawmills, we search and invest in new technologies and procedures to allow us to maintain our competitiveness.
  • Respect: At Chaleur Sawmills, we respect the environment, the communities we work in and the needs or our employees.
  • Quality: At Chaleur Sawmills, we believe in providing diverse quality wood products to meet the needs of our customers as well as quality customer service in before and after sales.
  • Sustainability: At Chaleur Sawmills, we believe that investing in long term sustainability will provide stability in our industry and do so by supporting and encouraging sustainable practices from all our suppliers.

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