Welcome to Chaleur Sawmills

Chaleur Sawmills is the result of a dream and the work of four local entrepreneurs, who along with a group of dedicated employees, built the company from its inception.

The construction of the sawmill started in September 1994 and the operations were inaugurated in February 1995. At that time, the sawmill consisted of one line, which was primarily manual. Today we have a completely automated line, producing 172 million board feet per year.

The logs used as raw material come from both private wood lots and crown land. We use the following species of wood: spruce, fir and jack pine. The logs arrive by truck, mostly from New Brunswick, but also from outside of the province.

We produce lumber of various dimensions. The thickness is between one and two inches, the width can be 3, 4 or 6 inches and the length is from 4 to 10 feet. The sawmill also produces wood chips, bark, sawdust and shavings which are sold to make pulp and paper, wood pellets and to heat local hospitals.

Our lumber is marketed throughout North America, with the majority destined for the US Eastern Seaboard, by rail, and distributed by truck to the New England States and Canada.

Chaleur Sawmills employs close to 200 people on the site.

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