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Your wood and lumber specialists located in Belledune, New Brunswick, Canada


Established in 1994, Chaleur Sawmills is an organization at the cutting edge of technology. With its dynamic and competent group of employees, Chaleur Sawmills has become one of the most efficient companies in the wood and lumber sector.

  The Forest : A Valuable Resource
The LUMBER EXPERTS AT CHALEUR SAWMILLS take all the necessary measures to avoid waste, thereby increasing the yield from our forests.

More Efficient Use of Public Forests
CHALEUR SAWMILLS harvests its entire allocation of timber. By keeping on-site residue to a minimum, CHALEUR SAMILLS is helping to ensure the efficient use of public forests.

Enhancing the Value of Private Forests
CHALEUR SAWMILLS processes spruce and fir. Farmers and owners of private wood lots are the first to benefit from CHALEUR SAWMILLS’ facilities.
  Much More Wood Fiber
High-performance tree-cutting technology allows CHALEUR SAWMILLS to harvest and deliver more wood fiber to its sawmill.


Getting Full Value from Every Tree
High technology allows CHALEUR SAWMILLS to process the entire tree.
Getting Top Value From Every Tree
CHALEUR SAWMILLS has one of the best recovery factors in the industry. Each tree processed by CHALEUR SAWMILLS yields the greatest possible quantity of lumber.


  Value in Every Part of the Tree
In addition to producing high quality construction lumber, CHALEUR
SAWMILLS salvages all tree by-products for re-use, processing or sale”.


Wood Chips
This product, which ranks second only to lumber in importance, is sold to local pulp and paper mills where it is used in the making of pulp and other value added products.


This residue is used as fuel to heat Chaleur Sawmills facilities, as well as hospitals and other institutions.
  Sawdust and Wood Shavings
These residues are sold to manufacturers of wood heating pellets and OSB.



Recent News

December 5, 2016
October 12, 2016
September 9, 2016
The Atlantic Cancer Research Institute presented a plaque to Chaleur Sawmills in recognition of its generous donation.